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Hot Rolled Steel Coils


China hot rolled steel coils supplier, factory, manufacturer


Certeg is a leading China hot rolled steel coils supplier, factory, manufacturer that focuses on steel coil. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.


Certeg hot rolled steel coils


Hot rolled steel coils provide performance, versatility and value at a competitive price.


Steel products processed at temperatures above the recrystallization temperature of the material are hot rolled. Hot rolled steel has ductility at high temperatures, allowing it to be rolled into various shapes.


Hot rolled steel coils are a basic carbon steel product, usually used in applications where dimensional tolerances and surface finish are not important.


Certeg's hot rolled steel coils:


Service capabilities include slitting, cutting, blanking, stretch straightening, degreasing and brushing, and metallurgical support. Hot-rolled steel products will scale when they come in contact with oxygen and water vapor after the forming process. Use pickling, oiling and pickling dry surface treatment to protect hot-rolled steel products from corrosion and prevent inorganic contaminants, rust and scale.



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