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Roof Sheet


+ Excellent design.


+ Quake-proof, water-proof.


+ Anti-corrosion and Fire resitance.


+ Easy to handle.


1.    Metal roof & wall panels have been used for centuries, protecting fine buildings around the world. For your home, cottage or business, there is no other roofing & wall material that can provide the same long-term value, style, durability, weather protection and ecological benefits that today's metal roofing & wall systems offer.


2.    With years of experiences, many advantages make "Certeg" metal roof & wall an affordable choice. Virtually maintenance-free in all seasons and conditions, metal roof & wall have a high-quality finish that never needs painting and are guaranteed against rusting, fading and making it ideal for homes surrounded by tall trees. Compared to traditional asphalt shingles, metal roof & wall is permanent and problem-free. And there are no shingles to blow off during storms.



Roof Sheet

Roof Sheet


A.Excellent waterproof performance.


B.Materials as prepainted steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, galvalume (Al-       Zn coated sheets) are available to make corrugated sheet.


C.Those material are durable, anti-corrosion in bad weather for 20-30 years            based on it's Zinc coating or AZ coating.


D.Different shapes of the sheet make it suitable for any style of buildings.


E.Easy to install, no need special tools to fix the sheet.


F.Light weight due to high strength to weight ratio of steel, it means easier               handling, lower shipping costs, easier installation.


G.Different color is available base on the RAL standard.


Roof Sheet


Loading To Container


Based on the lever principle, cargos could be protected very well when loading





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