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PU Sandwich Panel


Span Table(maximum span with f < L/1200)

Sandwich Panel,PU Sandwich Panel

As the best thermal insulation material, PU is widely used in different industries because of its environment friendly and energy saving property, it has been the main building material in steel building in developed countries for many years.    


Certeg PU Sandwich Panel is of high-efficiency energy-saving, excellent thermal insulation and good fire resistance. It adopt PU or PIR as its core material makes it low thermal conductivity, which can realize the thermal insulation of the construction, effectively reduce the panel thickness and save the construction space.


Sandwich Panel,PU Sandwich Panel


Drawing and installation


1.The weight is light: the weight of per square meter PU sandwich panel is only 10-14kg.


2. Heat reserve and insulate performance is good: Thermal conductivity A=0.0175 KW/m. H. C


3.The connection is reasonable and convenient:   

(A). PU sandwich roof panel adopts two buckles to connect, avoid the leaking from the roof, and save the use of fittings.  


(B). PU sandwich wall panel adopts the male and female side to joint together, which is good looking, fitting saving and easy installation.

Sandwich Panel,PU Sandwich Panel


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