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Rockwool Sandwich Panel


+ High degree of resistance to fire.


+ Cool design with thermal insulation.


+ Sound proof and watertightness.    


Metal panel insulated with rock wool for roofs and walls which require a high degree of resistance to fire. Thepanel is constituted by two sheets with inter posed layer of orientated fibre high density rock wool, and rock wool is non-combustible material, so the rock wool panel has good fire-resisting property. The test shows temperature of the panel fire-proof is as high as 1000°C.   


Heat transfer coefficient K (common specification)


Thickness (mm) 50 75 100 150 200
K Value 0. 749 0. 530 0. 411  0. 268 0.210
Kcal/m 2  .h.O
0. 644 0. 456 0. 353 0. 230 0.181




1. Fire performance: rock cotton core material for non-combustible material, has more than 1000°C temperature of melting in the fire, can be effective blocking flame spread, minimizing the fire losses. 


2. Heat preservation and heat insulation: rock wool have low thermal conductivity(lambda=0.043w/m larecaille k),thermal insulation performance is good. Excellent node design to ensure the sealing performance and the heat preservation effect.


3. Sound insulation good: sound insulation of sound insulation is 30dB, effectively reduce experiment it outside noise interference.


4. Water tightness / air tightness: using unique chimeric node design between plates to stop the invasion of water and using the board at the end of the connection as well as internal closed processing to make the products have good air tightness.

Rockwool Sandwich Panel


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