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EPS Sandwich Panel


+ Sound proof 


+ Water proof 


+ Light in weight 


+ Heat insulation  


Being a kind of new type of multi-functional building material, it consists of steel plate at both sides and the core material is polystyrene, they are bonded with high intension adhesive at high glue and pressure through auto forming machine


Sandwich Panel,EPS Sandwich Panel


1.Light in weight: easy to install(do not need crane),save more construction period and low the cost.


2.Excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and damp resistant with its good appearance. 


3.Large load: Used as supporting structure and defense device for it's characteristic of high intension rigidity.


4.Panel length is according to the buyer's request, and the steel color is flexible based on the RAL standard, that makes your building more beautiful.


Sandwich Panel,EPS Sandwich Panel



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