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Certeg cold rolled steel coils


Cold rolled steel is steel produced by cold rolling. Cold rolling is a steel sheet that is further thinned to the target thickness of the No. 1 steel sheet under room temperature conditions. Compared with hot-rolled steel plates, cold-rolled steel plates are more accurate in thickness, and have smooth and beautiful surfaces. At the same time, they also have various superior mechanical properties, especially in terms of processing properties. Because cold rolled coils are relatively brittle and hard, they are not suitable for processing, so cold rolled steel coils usually require annealing, pickling and surface smoothing before they are delivered to customers. The maximum thickness of cold-rolled is 0.1-8.0mm or less. For example, the thickness of cold-rolled steel plate in most factories is less than 4.5mm; the minimum thickness and width are determined according to the equipment capacity of each factory and market demand.


The difference between cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel is not in the smelting process, but in the rolling temperature, or the end temperature of the rolling. The final rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the steel to become cold rolled steel. Hot-rolled steel is easy to roll, and the rolling efficiency is high. However, under hot-rolling conditions, the steel is oxidized and the surface of the product is dark and gray. Cold rolled steel coils require high rolling mill power, low rolling efficiency, and intermediate annealing in order to eliminate work hardening during the rolling process, so the cost is also high, but cold rolled steel coils have bright surface and good quality, and can be used directly To process finished products, cold-rolled steel plates are therefore widely used.



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