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How to wholesale steel pipes

  How to wholesale steel pipes? What matters should be considered?


  If you really want to buy suitable products for the wholesale of steel pipes, it is not as simple as you imagined. Because when we choose these products, we have to learn more about the actual situation. After all, it does not mean that every product can bring good results. What are the issues to consider when wholesale steel pipes?


How to wholesale steel pipes


  1. Seamless welding


  When wholesale steel pipes, everyone should consider the current welding situation. Generally speaking, the welded elbows should be sandblasted after being polished or pickled. There are no traces of welding on the surface, but you must choose advanced flaw detection equipment, so there is no way to see their welding elbows. So we can only see the welding situation with the help of advanced equipment.


  2. Spot welding


  The elbow may appear thinner during the postponement process. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers may use thicker coffins. If thinner materials are used, the products produced must be unqualified. Usually, the thinning is almost the same. Around 40. If the technology is not good or the drawn pipe is used, the thickness will be significantly lower than the original standard.


  What issues should be paid attention to when wholesale steel pipes? These two issues are more important, because these two issues will completely determine the quality of the steel plate, and will also determine whether it is reliable during use.

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