What to pay attention to when wholesale steel pipes

  What should be paid attention to in steel pipe wholesale? Which issues are more important?


  If you want to choose to do steel pipe wholesale, everyone must pay attention to the actual situation. Generally speaking, the current steel pipe wholesale problem is more important. In fact, sometimes we have to consider practical factors.


steel pipes


  Question 1: Thickness


  When choosing steel pipe wholesale, everyone should look at the thickness of the entire product. In fact, current customers are very smart. They may use calipers to measure the thickness. Although sometimes customers feel that they barely meet the standard after inspection, they overlook a point. The thickness of the board may not be particularly ideal at all. The elbow will have a reduced arm state during the pushing process, so the entire caliber can barely meet the standard, and the back arc is basically unqualified up and down, which is generally understood by experts. Even if the caliber barely meets the standard, production may not be possible.


  Question 2: Sandblasting


  When choosing steel pipe wholesale, it is recommended that you consider whether these products on the market have been sandblasted, and see if they have 100% non-destructive testing penetration. This is one of the many methods of sand blasting instead of sand rolling. In this way, many intermediate links can be omitted and the original production cost can be greatly reduced.


  What problems should be paid attention to in steel pipe wholesale? Thickness and sandblasting are both surface issues, so you must check it out when you wholesale. If these issues are not investigated clearly, there will be no way to wholesale good steel pipes.

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