How to judge the quality of steel profiles? What are the criteria for judging?

  Steel profile products have become the focus of attention of many people in life. In fact, what most people may want to know is how to judge the quality of the product and what judgment standards are there.


  1. The surface is prone to scars


  In the process of actual use of the product, basically if you want to judge the quality of this product, you have to look at the surface condition. If the material of fake and inferior steel is uneven, there may be more impurities, so in this case it may be possible There will be scarring, so we have to look at this way to see if they will have scarring.


How to judge the quality of steel profiles


  2. The surface is prone to cracks


  When choosing a steel profile, you should check whether its surface is particularly prone to cracks. The adobe of the product has more pores. During the cooling process, cracks may occur due to thermal stress, and cracks will appear after a certain amount of rolling.


  3. The surface is easy to scratch


  Check whether the surface of the product is often scratched. If this happens, in most cases it is because the equipment of the shoddy manufacturer is relatively simple, which is particularly prone to burrs. It can scratch deeply and reduce the strength of steel.


  How to judge the quality of steel profile products? By learning these methods, you can easily judge whether this product is really suitable for you.

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