How about sandwich panels? What are the characteristics?

  When everyone chooses the material of sandwich panel, maybe everyone is most concerned about how this product is, and what are the characteristics of this product?


  1. Lightweight


  Sandwich panels generally weigh less than 24 kilograms per square meter, which can fully reduce the cost of all structures.


  2. Fast installation


  The product is still very fast during installation, its own weight is relatively light, and it can be cut at will during installation, and slowly there will be more simple installations, but such an installation can be in a short time Rapidly improve efficiency, and even save construction time to the greatest extent.


How about sandwich panels


  3. Fire prevention


  In the process of using the material, there will be more composite sandwich panels, many different surface materials, and a variety of different insulation materials. At present, this is also a material that is difficult to burn, which can meet all the requirements. Fire protection requirements.


  4. Beautiful


  The current materials basically have a lot of clear lines, these lines can be as many as dozens, and can be constructed with any style of building, they all look more beautiful.


  5. Strong plasticity


  The product can be cut arbitrarily when in use, which can meet the special design.


  How about sandwich panels? Through the above introduction, everyone should understand that it is precisely because of these advantages that the product can bring better performance in the process of use.

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