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How to develop sandwich panels? What are the advantages?

  Sandwich panels are basically the most common in our lives. This is a two-layer molded metal panel, and foam can be formed directly in the middle of the panel, and there will be more polymer thermal insulation cores inside. How to develop sandwich panels? What are the advantages?


  Advantages of sandwich panels


  Sandwich panels will have more unique advantages in the development process. Generally speaking, the relative strength of this product will be higher. The internal materials are relatively cheap, but the quantity is relatively large, and the material value of the fabric is relatively high. High, the dosage is relatively small. Therefore, the cost of this product is lower in actual production, and it can be selected reasonably, and it can be matched with panels or other materials to effectively meet the requirements of pre-designed board performance.


How to develop sandwich panels


  Sandwich board development history


  In the actual selection of sandwich panels, the panels themselves were researched in the late 1960s in the United States. Generally speaking, they are used in all aircraft manufacturing, and then gradually expanded to buildings and other insulated doors. In the production process, with the gradual expansion of the scope of application, it has gradually become a material that many industries like very much, and it is also a high-strength material.


  Why is sandwich board so popular? Through the above introduction, everyone should have an understanding.

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