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How to wholesale steel pipes and follow-up maintenance

  How to wholesale steel pipes and follow-up maintenance


  There are many uses of steel pipes, and the application fields are very wide. They can be used in many aspects such as auto parts, construction, bearings, machining and so on. Generally, there are more seamless steel pipes to choose from, and the various properties of seamless steel pipes are better, indicating that the quality has also reached certain requirements.


How to wholesale steel pipes and follow-up maintenance


  So what should be paid attention to for a good steel pipe:


  One, choose the color and luster to be basically uniform, the inner and outer walls are smooth, flat, without bubbles, dents, impurities, etc., which indicate performance defects.


  Second, it depends on whether the logo on the product is complete, the name of the manufacturer or trademark, the date of production, the name of the product, the size, and the implementation standard number that should be on the steel pipe.


  Third, you should buy the same brand of pipes and fittings, because different products may have different raw materials, which will cause unfavorable factors for the welding of the pipes and fittings, and will cause leakage at the welded joints during long-term use.


  Fourth, a good steel pipe has high strength, but it is not unbreakable, so the quality of the steel pipe cannot be judged by whether it can be broken. Because the impact resistance of steel pipes is better than that of real steel pipes, because steel pipes are easier to smash, steel pipes are often unbreakable.


  Maintenance of buying steel pipe:


  1. Pipeline high pressure water cleaning:


  The high-pressure water jet above 50Mpa is used to strip and clean the dirt on the inner surface of the pipeline. This technology is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, and the diameter of the pipeline must be greater than 50cm. This technology has the characteristics of fast speed and low cost.


  2. Pipeline PIG pigging:


  PIG industrial pigging technology relies on the driving force generated by the pump to push the fluid to drive the PIG (pipe pig) forward in the pipe, and discharge the dirt accumulated in the pipeline out of the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This technology is widely used in cleaning projects such as various process pipelines, oil and gas pipelines in oil fields, especially for the cleaning of pipelines that transport fluids over long distances, and has advantages that other technologies cannot replace.


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