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The history, production, and use of steel pipes

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The history, production, and use of steel pipes


Steel pipes are cylindrical tubes made from steel that are used many ways in manufacturing and infrastructure. They’re the most utilized product made by the the steel industry. The primary use of pipe is in the transport of liquid or gas underground—including oil, gas, and water. However, pipes of varying sizes are used throughout manufacturing and construction. A common household manufacturing example is the narrow steel pipe that runs the cooling system in fridges. Construction uses pipes for heating and plumbing. Structures can be built using steel pipe of varying sizes, such as handrails, bike racks, or pipe bollards.

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William Murdoch is thought to be the pioneer of steel pipes. In 1815, he joined barrels of muskets together to support a coal lamp burning system. Murdoch used his innovative piping system to transport coal gas to lamps on the streets of London.


Since the 1800s, great strides have been made in the technology of steel pipes, including improving manufacturing methods, developing applications for their use, and the establishment of regulations and standards that govern their certification.


How is steel pipe made?


From melting raw materials to molding or welding, this ubiquitous building material is created through two main processes:


Convert raw steel to a more usable form


Both processes must start by making good quality steel. Raw steel is produced by foundries through a process of melting raw materials in a furnace. To get the composition exactly right, elements may be added to the molten metal, and impurities removed. The resulting molten steel is poured into molds to make ingots or is transferred to a continuous casting machine to make slabs, billets, and blooms. Pipe is made from two of these products: slabs or billets.


Structural use


Structural uses are common building and construction. In these industries, the building material is commonly referred to as steel tubes.Steel pipes, also known as steel tubes, provide additional strength to foundations and are widely used in construction projects.


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