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How to fix the steel coil

  How to do effective fixation about steel coils?


  If you want to pull the steel coil, you must fix it. Many people do not know how to fix this product when it is transported. After all, everyone does not have a thorough understanding of the fixation of the product. How to do effective fixation?


How to fix the steel coil


  First, put a non-slip mat on the bottom of the truck


  When the steel coil is transported, it is recommended that you do not lay things casually on the bottom. It is best to choose non-slip mats. These non-slip mats can be laid during the transportation process, which can increase the friction between the steel coil and the bottom of the car, thereby reducing some slippage of the product during the transportation process.


  Second, use the fixing of sleepers correctly


  If you want to put the steel coil on the car, then it is recommended that you choose the sleepers to do the related fixation, in this way to reduce the slippage during driving. During the actual transportation, the entire transportation can be fixed with skids, and the stability of all transportation can be effectively ensured. Be sure to prepare enough wood before you leave the car, so that you can prepare for it.


  Third, tie up the steel coils


  When transporting, it is best that everyone can use the relevant wire rope to pull them all in, and then transport them effectively, so as to prevent the steel coils from moving.


  How to efficiently transport steel coils? Some of the above precautions should be paid special attention to when transporting.


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