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What are the methods for identifying steel pipes

  What are the methods for identifying steel pipes? How to identify?


  There will be a variety of different identification methods when identifying steel pipes. If you really want to identify them, you must consider a series of issues.


What are the methods for identifying steel pipes


  Question 1: Counterfeit and inferior products are prone to folding


  When the steel pipe is identified, the folding is a kind of fold line formed on the surface of the steel pipe. This defect can often run through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The main reason for product folding is that the fake and inferior manufacturers pursue higher levels in the production process. effectiveness. In this case. It will produce a large amount of reduction, it is easy to fold when touching something, and the folded product will crack after bending, and the strength of the steel will gradually and greatly decrease.


  Question 2: There is numbness on the surface


  There are pitted surfaces on the surface of steel pipes when they are used, because the pitted surfaces themselves are more severely worn. In this case, it is the effect of the irregular surface irregularities. In order to pursue profit, manufacturers may often have some rolling exceeding standards.


  When steel pipes are used, what are the problems? The above two problems are the most common in the current situation. When using, if you encounter the above two problems, you must pay special attention. Use these methods to make effective identification, otherwise it is prone to problems.

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