What are the classifications of steel pipes

  What are the classifications of steel pipes? What are the characteristics of each steel pipe?


  If you are unfamiliar with steel pipes, what you might want to know most is what kind of classification these steel pipes have, and what are the characteristics of each type of steel pipe?


What are the classifications of steel pipes


  Seamless steel pipe


  This kind of steel pipe is a long steel with a hollow cross-sectional area without any joints. It can be widely used in the manufacture of a variety of different parts, and it can bring better manufacturing results in the manufacturing process of mechanical parts, but it is completely possible to manufacture all different environmental parts through steel pipes, so that it can improve the performance of all materials. Utilization rate. It can also effectively simplify the manufacturing process and bring better results in terms of material saving and processing. It has been widely used in all steel pipe manufacturing.


  Seam steel pipe


  Steel pipes can be divided into direct steel pipes and spiral steel pipes. In fact, this kind of steel pipe is made by welding steel plates or steel strips after crimping and forming. The production process of welded steel pipe is relatively simple, the production efficiency is relatively high, and the equipment itself is relatively small, but the general strength is lower than that of seamless steel pipe products. In the process of actual use, low-pressure AC welding can be done. It can be applied to all equipment, and can be processed as needed during processing.


  What kind of classification does steel pipe have? The above two classifications are relatively good, and in the process of actual use, they can completely bring better results.

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